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BRS Pools - Chemicals

Enjoying a safe and pleasant swimming experience is an essential expectation from your pool. In order to ensure this, the pool water must be kept fresh, clean and well balanced.

Although most pool systems now rely on ozone or UV as the primary sanitisation method, radically reducing the levels of chlorine needed and therefore making for a much more pleasant swimming environment, various other chemicals are necessary to ensure the water balance is perfect. If the water chemistry is not kept within recommended guidelines, problems such as cloudiness, algae formation and damage to tile grout can occur.

BRS Pools will ensure that your finished pool has perfect water quality and that you will have a full understanding of the simple, effective tests and procedures needed to keep it this way.

We will provide sufficient chemicals to ensure the smooth running of your pool for the first few months and thereafter can provide all the chemicals you require delivered conveniently to your door.

Our staff and engineers can provide invaluable support and advice if you have any questions or requests relating to chemical dosing and testing.
If you wish to purchase chemicals please browse our range of products.