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BRS Pools - Pool covers

Almost all of a pool's heat loss occurs at the surface due to evaporation. Pool covers almost eliminate evaporative heat loss completely and consequently reduce your heating costs dramatically. The energy savings can be up to 70%, and the savings in chemical costs can also be considerable.

Outdoor pools will also benefit from a cover to prevent debris and insects from landing in the pool, and the safety element is also potentially more of an issue with an outdoor pool, as it will be more difficult to secure the pool area against animals or even children falling in.

The following are different types of pool cover to consider:

Heat retention covers - many varieties from manually operated reels with foam or plastic covers, to fully automatic types including rigid "venetian" style slats. Invaluable for indoor and outdoor pools.

Solar blankets - particularly useful in outdoor pools to counteract heat loss through radiation.

Winter debris covers - for outdoor pools which are not in use throughout the colder months.

Safety covers - mainly necessary for outdoor pools. Indoors a pool hall can be secured against unauthorised use and resulting accidents. Manual safety covers manufactured from reinforced flexible composite fabrics with aluminium support poles and lockable anchor straps are the simplest option and can be retro-fitted. Automatic safety covers incorporating recessed or deck mounted tracks can be operated at the press of a button.

With any swimming pool there is no safety substitute for supervision at all times.