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BRS Pools - Movable Floors

The desirability of having separate pools for swimming, diving and teaching is quite often requested by commercial clients as a method to increase revenue and to get the most out of their installation. This type of saturation does entail increased capital investment and increased operating and maintenance costs. However, it may be a feature that you wish to consider dependant on the type of facilities you wish to offer your clients. By use of hydraulically operated movable floors and separating walls within a few moments your pool can be switched from a diving pool to a toddlers paddling area. Once again, dependant on the type of facility you wish to install BRS Pools can work with your professional advisors and specialist engineers to design this type of environment.

Swimming has long been the most popular indoor sport in the country, yet many pools, especially those built for diving, aren’t being used to their full potential. The deep area of a pool isn’t suitable for non-swimmers and separate shallow pools have limited use. A movable floor can change all that.

Within a few minutes your pool can be switched from a diving pool to a toddlers' paddling area, simply by raising the floor from the bottom of the pool. In its fully raised position, the floor becomes a rigid cover, suitable for keep fit classes – which offers greater flexibility and increased revenue.