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BRS Pools - Chemical Free / Natural Pools


Natural pools use aquatic plants to clean the water instead of electrically-powdered filters and chlorine. Such plants have evolved an extraordinary degree of efficiency over billions of years. Apart from the considerably lower running costs of a natural pool compared with a conventional pool, the electric pump uses 75% less energy and you can switch it off at night when the plant’s purifying properties are inactive.

Natural Pools, sometimes referred to as Swimming Ponds, compliment and enhance the landscape and comprise of a deep swimming area and a shallower area separated by a dividing wall. The shallower area accommodates the purifying plants and rocks as well as a filtration system and surface skimmers.

Please note a chlorine free pool may also be achieved using Ionic Purifiers which use copper and silver, known as effective bactericides and algicides respectively. Or a dramatic reduction in the need for chemicals by 90% can be achieved with a Prozone Unit or other ozone purifier.

Chemical free natural pools